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Chronic tension headaches from poor posture, muscle tightness and worklife stress[1], to recurring migraine headaches and accompanying nausea, headaches can be debilitating. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is a safe and effective treatment for headaches and many of the unseen causes related to posture, lifestyle, diet or hormonal imbalance.


Relieve the pressure.

Find the GB20 acupuncture point at the back of your skull. Using your thumbs (or with the assistance of a friend), press into the hollow and lean your head back into your thumbs.
Hold this position for 2 minutes and release. Repeat. 


Book a visit.

When you come for a visit, we will discuss how you can manage your headaches, acupressure techniques, as well as diet, stretches, exercise and minor lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the recurrance and duration of headaches.  


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